The Best Way to Celebrate Drawing Day - Behind the Scenes with Comics Artists

The Best Way to Celebrate Drawing Day - Behind the Scenes with Comics Artists

On May 16, 2018, Ireland celebrates National Drawing Day, an event that takes place annually in venues all over the island.

Put simply, Drawing Day is a day to remind us of the joy and pleasure of drawing.

It's a day meant to remind us of a time when we did not care if we were good or less than good at drawing because we mainly used it to express ourselves.

Of course, time flies no matter what you do, and some of us have grown up to become great artists. Some are still working on fulfilling that dream, and some let go of it because they considered themselves to be "not good enough".

Drawing Day is also a day to showcase our respect and appreciation towards all the amazing artists out there.

Therefore, for this special occasion, we searched all over the Internet to find the best and most useful videos about comic books from top comics artists.

So, sit back and enjoy.




I appreciate all the great artists out there!! I have talent in this arena.


Wow, I learned something new again today. The other day was Leprechaun day and today it’s drawing day. Drawing day seems like fun and the drawings look absolutely amazing.


So cool! I can barely draw a stick person, so I always marvel at the people who can draw really well. Comics are always fun!

Amber Myers

I loved reading my brother’s comics as a kid it reminds me of happy childhood days. So, that must be a fun time for adults and kids thanks for sharing.


Oh wow love some of these sketches! Do you have any recommendation on special pens and paper?


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