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With every sale on OneGeek Shop you personally contribute to the education of children across America. 100% Transparency. Reports sent via email: who were the children your supported, invoices of purchased equipment for class and thank you notes from teacher and classroom.


Florin and OneGeek - thank you so much for the generous support! We are so excited to get these books and share the creations they inspire with you! We appreciate you!!!!

Mrs. Mundt - teacher

Geek Store - One Geek Shop

Your friendly neighbourhood Geek Store is here to help you increase your collection of action figures, wands, toys, cosplay gear, mouse pads, Xbox controller art.

Unlike other stores you've seen until now, we take being a Hero very seriously. Anyone who buys from this store becomes someone's Hero. Our motto is: "One Geek buys One Hero supercharging One Future."

50% of the margins made by this Geek Store get donated to classrooms across America that couldn't afford proper materials and experiences for class.

So far, the customers of have made an impact on the lives of 324 students. These students now have their horizons expanded and they can see beyond struggle and poverty. They can imagine. They can expand their minds.

It's the mission of our geek store to market amazing products that you'll love, so that together we can become the help these children need in their lives.

Browse the store. See what you like. You'll get Free Shipping and the knowledge that your actions help someone in need.