Our Geek Store Donates 50% to Education

Since 2018, we've helped over 1,000 children across the US to gain access to Education.

Learn about the IMPACT you help us make
  • One Geek

    Take a look at the cleverly geeky selection of products we offer in our geek store.

    The store is an important initiative from the Squirrly Company, which made over $2 Million USD selling marketing technology solutions to over 7,479 entrepreneurs around the world.

  • One Hero

    You can buy (at least) One Hero from our store and become someone else's hero.

    50% of the margins go to fund Education projects via DonorsChoose.org, so we can keep children in school and give them all they need to receive good education.

  • One Future

    Supercharge One Future with each purchase that you make in our store.

    With help from awesome shoppers like you, we've managed to help over 1,000 children from the US and supercharge their futures.