It's Workers' Day! Time To Celebrate Our Hard Work!

It's Workers' Day! Time To Celebrate Our Hard Work!

We all have hobbies or dreams we would love to pursue instead of going to work. Unfortunately, though, we need money to survive in today's society. And to make money, we need to go to work.

The good news is that there is no such thing as useless work. Every little job is valuable to the society. From the sanitation worker to the firefighter, everyone has a role to fill. By going to work, all of us are contributing to a better and safer international community. 

And this is the reason we celebrate International Workers' Day (also known as Labor Day) together!

A Brief History of International Workers' Day

International Workers' Day, or Labor Day, is all about celebrating the hard work and achievements of workers every year on the first of May. 

In Canada and the United States, Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September.

In the late 19th-century, the world started seeing an increase in the number of labor movements, as well as a growing need to choose a day to celebrate people's labor.

To commemorate the Haymarket affair that took place on May 4th, 1886, in Chicago, the first of May was chosen as the official date of the International Workers’ Day.

The Haymarket affair began as a peaceful rally in support of workers striking for an eight-hour workday which would have allowed for eight hours for recreation and eight hours for rest.

On May 4, an unidentified person threw a bomb at the police, who responded by firing at the workers. The event is also referred to as the Haymarket Riot.

How to Celebrate International Workers’ Day

In a day meant to celebrate the work of every man and woman, you can simply do what you feel like doing. If it's a hobby, do that, if you feel the need to be in nature, have a picnic with your family or friends. 

It can also be a day of recreation and rest, so feel free to book an appointment for a spa day or a relaxing massage. 

Or, if you like, you could attend an organized march in your city to raise awareness on unfair wages and poor working conditions.



These are some amazing ways to celebrate labor day. Rest and recreation is my way celebrating my hard work. :)

Mayuri Saxena

Every little job is valuable to the society. Great post on Internationa Worker’s Day.


That’s really awesome. It’s important to recognize the workforce for the hard work that they’ve been pouring throughout the years. Labour day is such an important day!

Alison Rost

What a great way to celebrate Int. labor day…. By doing nothing!!! Ha ha… I always wondered why people work on labor day.

kimberly C

I have to admit workers day isn’t something I have heard of before, but I think we all need some time to recognise how hard we work.

Sarah Bailey

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