International Dance Day Is Here So Let's Dance

International Dance Day Is Here So Let's Dance

International Dance Day is celebrated every year: on April 29th, the same date as the anniversary of the Jean Georges Noverre birth, the modern Ballet creator. It's a global celebration of dance created by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute. And since 1982, a dance personality is selected to write a message for International Dance Day.

This day is all about the values, importance, and history of the art of dance.

To learn more about dance day you could visit this site:

How To Celebrate International Dance Day

You can learn about the history of dance, or learn a new dance, or just dance like no one is watching.



I am no good when it comes to dancing but I thing this day it becomes mandatory that we do. Didn’t know we have a day for dance!


What fun! I’ve never heard of national dance day, but I know my daughter would be able to celebrate!


I had no idea that international dance day existed! I would be so interested in learning the history of dance, I can only how much all of the dancing styles have evolved over the years.


I celebrated International Dance Day by shaking my groove thing in my car. I love car dancing. How about you?


i didnt even know this was a thing. how cool, and yeah dancing is so much fun. i havent been out dancing in a few years but i love to dance it off sometimes at home just for laughs, it is a great way to get those endorphins going.


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