One Geek. One Hero. One Future.

One Geek buys One Hero, thus supercharging One Future.

With every geek item you're buying here, you're helping us fund Education for students and schools in need.

You help us expand and supercharge the minds of future geeks. Together, we can supercharge their future. We can help them move past poverty and lack of proper education.

That's the mission of this store. 

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With every sale on OneGeek Shop you personally contribute to the education of children across America. Public school teachers from every corner of America create classroom project requests, and we donate on your behalf to projects that will inspire you. 100% Transparency. Reports sent via email: including: who were the children you supported, invoices of purchased equipment for class and thank you notes from teacher and classroom.

Have you seen the Black Panther 2018 Movie? Here's a cool story:

As you can see in the comics and in this movie, Black Panther is a master in many types of martial arts. In the movie we could see him do: boxing, capoeira and about two more types.

It was an inspiring moment and we decided to donate all the sales made for Black Panther figures since the start of 2018 to a class which needed instruments in order to start capoeira lessons. Capoeira is all about music, dance and martial arts. You can't have it without the music. The kids, their parents, the school could've never afforded that without the help from One Geek and a couple other companies and even people who personally donated.

Every penny was well spent. We received invoices, thank you notes from the children and the teacher. Plus, some cool pics from their brand new capoeira class.

We felt inspired. The Shoppers from our Store saw that they've made a real impact on someone's future this way. I firmly believe that new experiences broaden our horizons and make us capable of leading better futures.

Buy a hero for yourself, or for a friend, or for one of your own children. You'll become someone's hero and you'll supercharge their future.

This is what we stand for. This is what we believe.

You'll see how every dollar was spent, how you made a difference, and how grateful the students and teachers are!

Place an order today, or bookmark the site and return when you're ready.

We pick the projects according to students from very low income households and schools which can't normally afford the necessary equipments or experiences (like museum visits in another State) for their classes.

Every geek item you buy in this store helps us donate 50% of the margins in a fully transparent way. You'll make an impact on the education of students by providing them much needed materials and experiences.

Best regards,

Florin Muresan
CEO of Squirrly
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