Shipping Information

The One Geek Shop only ships to the U.S. at the moment. Since we can only help make donations for children in the United States and schools in the U.S., we felt it made sense to open sales only there for the time being.

You're making a real impact on someone's life with every item you buy here.

If we'll be able to find ways to donate to schools and students in other parts of the world, we may expand our reach.

- U.S shipping

- Free

- Minimum order size: $10 USD.

Free Shipping on Your Order. Guaranteed.

You're getting free shipping on all your orders. Therefore, you can be confident when looking at the products in store, knowing that the price you see is the total price you get. No Extra Stuff to pay.

Deliveries are S L O W ! We've already made hundreds of deliveries, but it's important to know that deliveries are slow. Read why here.

Deliveries can take anywhere between 12 - 20 days for the US.

^^ It seems like quite a while, but: Free Shipping + You're making a BIG impact on the lives of many students. 50% of our margins from every order get donated to students in need of materials for class. What's 20 days when knowing that you'll make an impact which lasts a lifetime?

Read more about Impact here.

(we don't offer shipping to other countries at the moment)

Tracking orders and support with your orders:

You can track your order using the tracking and delivery information available in your orders list.

You can rest assured that your requests will be handled by capable customer service reps with great reputation. We've even been featured on the Delivering Happiness blog, so you know we mean business.