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in order to reach us, you can use the Twitter profile and also email at:

Florin Muresan will greet you, as he likes to keep it personal with gamers and lovers of cool swag. This shop was started out of passion for Harry Potter, Pathfinder, Gaming and OverWatch.

OneGeek is powered by the tech company:

TechFork SRL-D

Owner: Florin Muresan, who is also CEO of the British Company called: Squirrly Limited.

to get you the amazing products from the store at these rates, we're working with partners from China.

That's the reason we offer what we call: "Slow Shipping".


Florin Muresan

Owner of One Geek
TechFork SRL-D
registered in 2012
40 Salcamului Street, apt. 11
European Union