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Looking for OverWatch Wallets?

You've come to the right place. We've been selling these amazing wallets for over a year now to fans of the game.

Some buy them because they really love their main from OverWatch. Others buy these wallets because they make for great gifts for best friends.

I guess everyone agrees that OverWatch was not just another AAA type sensation that's cool this year, but the next year it dies out. The community is still plenty strong, new updates keep arriving and there is more and more content around our favorite heroes.

Activision-Blizzard have really done an amazing number on this one, and even though some of the characters are rehashed from previous games and IPs they owned: the new heroes are amazing.

Whether you favor: D.Va (my main in the game), Reaper, Pharah, Junkrat, Orisa or Widowmaker, we have them all.

Actually, while browsing our impressive collection you will get to see that we have Genji, Mercy and others as well.

We're always trying to bring new items from our partners, for your geeky pleasure.

At the moment, these wallets are our best selling items and they have helped us at OneGeek to keep the donations going. We donate 50% of the margins to causes related to education. To schools across America.

You can read more about our Mission here.

And this is the blog where we explain more about it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Which would be the best gift for my friend who plays OverWatch?

A1: The Orisa Wallet. It is by far the most popular product in our store.

Q2: Do you have other items in store related to this first person shooter?

A2: Yes, we do have other items from time to time, but we keep re-supplying with overwatch wallets because there is really high demand for them.

Q3: How many wallets do I need to purchase to get Free Shipping to the United States?

A3: Only one. It's a little above $10 USD , and everything above $10 USD is covered by our Free Shipping Policy.

Q4: If I buy an overwatch wallet today, when can I expect it?

A4: Please check the Shipping Information section on our web store. Shipping to the U.S. can take anywhere from 14 days to 30 days.

Q5: Do people really wait that much to get their wallets? If so: why?

A5: What's a few days to wait, knowing that the gift you buy today for yourself or a friend helps entire classes of children get access to education they couldn't afford otherwise? Your purchase is important and makes a real difference in the world, aside from the fact that you yourself get something that is totally awesome.

Q6: What materials are these OverWatch wallets made of?

A6: You can see these details once you click to view a product from the collection.

Q7: What's the size of a wallet?

A7: It's written inside the description section of each product that we have in our geek store.

If you love your accessories, then you can definitely buy more while we have them in store. That way, you can keep changing the wallet you take with you, so you never look boring.

Showing off your hero collection will become a much more fun activity this way. Of course, you will need to make sure that you switch IDs and credit cards between them as well. Just to make sure you won't show up to the grocery store without your credit card.

Best way to display your geekiness is to take out the wallet when the pizza guy arrives. Show him "Mercy!". Oh, boy... I went ahead and said it.


Of course: Comic Cons, SXSWs, RTXs, BlizzCon and others also make for perfect events where you'd want to hang on tight to a really cool wallet and not that super boring wallet your mom bought for you last Christmas.

By the way: if you're usually super straight forward with your gamer friends, or some of your cooler friends: tell them to buy you stuff directly from OneGeek when they run out of ideas.

We never run out of ideas, so they'll always have cool stuff to browse for you in our geek store.


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