Mr. Freeze Batman Rogues Gallery, Play Arts Kai Variant - Dc Comics Action Figures

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From the DC Comics Variant Play Arts Kai, The Batman: Rogues Gallary, We present to you this mash-up of Batman and a cold and unforgiving villain, Mr. Freeze.

Batman is given a cold suit to represent the heart of ice of Mr. Freeze. Looking and this action figure, we have the impression that he's in a surrounding air of subzero temperature, and ready to freeze everything in his way. 

The suit comes fully equipped with cryotubes and a freeze gun. The entire body has realistic color, form, and texture of the frost and ice as well as translucent parts to emphasize the frozen finish.

The fully jointed and poseable action figure comes with interchangeable hands, a Batarang made to resemble an ice axe, a Freeze Gun, and a connection tube that can be linked to his waist, in order to amplify his icy power from his cryogenic suit. 


The Mr. Freeze Batman™: Rogues Gallery Collectible Figure features:

  • One (1) Batarang like an ice axe
  • One (1) freeze gun
  • One (1) connecting tube
  • Six (6) interchangeable hands
  • One (1) figure stand


  • Product Size: 26.5 cm
  • Material: Pvc
  • Age: Over 8 years old
  • Type: Collectible Figure
  • Manufacturer: Anitoy