Have a Bloody Dracula Day!

Have a Bloody Dracula Day!

Having inspired multiple movies and stories all around the world, Count Dracula is also one of the most popular fictional characters and a never-dying option for a Halloween costume.

On May 26, we celebrate the World Dracula Day.

It was 121 years ago that the novel Dracula was released. As you probably know, the novel was written by Bram Stoker, an Irish author who found inspiration in Romanian tales from medieval times and from a real-life historical figure, Prince Vlad III of Wallachia (Romania).

The count used to torture his prisoners and the people who betrayed him by impaling, thus receiving the nickname "Vlad the Impaler".

The connection between Stoker's character, Dracula, and vampirism gave birth to a permanent element of pop culture.

How to Celebrate Dracula Day

You can throw a party full of black or blood-red decorations, red drinks, spiders, and bats everywhere, with elegantly-dressed guests and, of course, some fangs.

You can have a vampire movies marathon as well. Here, you can find a list of top 20 best Dracula movies ever. However, if you are more of a book person, you can read Bran Stoker's book, the one that sparked people's fascination for this count.

How are you planning on celebrating Dracula Day? And have you ever dressed up as a vampire for Halloween? Let us know in the comments. 

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