On May 16, 2018, Ireland celebrates National Drawing Day, an event that takes place annually in venues all over the island.

Put simply, Drawing Day is a day to remind us of the joy and pleasure of drawing.

It's a day meant to remind us of a time when we did not care if we were good or less than good at drawing because we mainly used it to express ourselves.

Of course, time flies no matter what you do, and some of us have grown up to become great artists. Some are still working on fulfilling that dream, and some let go of it because they considered themselves to be "not good enough".

Drawing Day is also a day to showcase our respect and appreciation towards all the amazing artists out there.

Therefore, for this special occasion, we searched all over the Internet to find the best and most useful videos about comic books from top comics artists.

So, sit back and enjoy.



21 THOUGHTS ON “The Best Way to Celebrate Drawing Day - Behind the Scenes with Comics Artists”

by kim

I’m horrible at drawing, but I love that this is holiday. What a great way to celebrate this creative outlet!

by lavandamichelle

What a wonderful post! I loved comics when I was younger, and I still do enjoy them. I’ve watched nearly all of the Marvel movies. Thanks for sharing! ;)

by Amanda | The Glorious Grape

As someone who as absolutely no artistic talent whatsoever, I am always blown away by how amazing an artist can make something look simply by drawing it. One day I would love to learn, if I ever have the time!

by Amber S.

Really enjoyed watching these! My hubby and I are really into comics, and he enjoyed as well! Thanks for sharing

by sarah camille

I love that this is a holiday in Ireland! I wish I was more talented with drawing. I currently stick to adult coloring books lol!

by Megan

My husband is a pretty big collector, he’ll really appreciate this! We stopped by a cute little comic book shop in Cork last February, got some great stuff!

by Wanda Lopez

You are so talented. Loving them all. Will share with my husband, he’ll love them too.

by Nik

Can’t even imagine how much talented these artists actually are.

by Tash @ The Dreamhouse Project

I’m a huge comic book fan so these were really fun to watch. Thanks for compiling these & sharing!

by Adaleta Avdic

It is so timely since Deadpool 2 is already out in cinemas. These artists are so talented!

by Akamatra

These are awesome! I hope everyone has a great drawing day celebration! I know I will with an artist friend of mine!

by LiveLoveAndAdventure

What a cool idea. I had no idea there was a National Drawing Day. I actually have adult coloring books and they are pretty cool to help with relaxation and distraction from life. I love them!

by Ariana

this is awesome. My son really loves to draw comic characters i will definitely be showing him this.

by Sondra Barker

These are all so cool! Artists are so talented, making me wish I could draw this well.
xo, Sondra

by Annie Cho

These artists are absolutely talented! Love seeing the drawings in process!

by Paula

I appreciate all the great artists out there!! I have talent in this arena.

by Daisi

Wow, I learned something new again today. The other day was Leprechaun day and today it’s drawing day. Drawing day seems like fun and the drawings look absolutely amazing.

by Amber Myers

So cool! I can barely draw a stick person, so I always marvel at the people who can draw really well. Comics are always fun!

by Virginia

I loved reading my brother’s comics as a kid it reminds me of happy childhood days. So, that must be a fun time for adults and kids thanks for sharing.

by Viv

Oh wow love some of these sketches! Do you have any recommendation on special pens and paper?

by Joan Cajic

Oh wow, this is super talent you should see my attempt on a drawing it is totally hopeless and doe not look anything like this. Really nice.