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Here it is. The mission of this geek store, summed up in a smaller, easier to digest form. Thank you all for joining us on our OneGeek mission. It has been incredible that, together with you, we could impact the lives of thousands of students. From the 3rd grade and up until the end of highschool. Seeing how much the children progressed after they received all the great class materials, experiences, and robot building kits, has been a new experience that changed me. I mean, part of the reason I wanted to get your help.. to enlist you on this...

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On the website where we cover Witches and Wizards plus the new Wizards Unite AR Game, we've written in pretty great detail about the exquisite Hermione Wand. Though a bit different from what we currently have in the One Geek shop, I wanted to show you the golden version of the Hermione Wand which I had purchased for myself from our partners. Even though this is the golden wand, the rest of the elements are the same as what you'd get if you ordered today. It's still the same vine wand, 13 inches, dragon heartstring wand that chose Hermione Jean...

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You wanted to see the Goku Super Saiyajin 3 Action Figure one more time in our store, and we've geekily made that possible. Here you go. Enjoy the amazing action figure that we have in store: I actually went ahead and bought this Goku figure for myself and it's really awesome. Just look at how determined and over-powered he looks. Even though Vegeta is my favorite Saiyan of all times, I must say that Goku is the one who really makes the show exciting. And this time around: our collection of anime toys. You'll be a true hero if you buy...

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