Star Trek First Contact Day

Star Trek First Contact Day

"Vulcan: Live long and prosper.
Dr. Zefram Cochrane: Thanks."
~ Star Trek: First Contact
So how and why is April 5th the First Contact Day? Well, the answer comes from co-writer, Ronald D. Moore: "The short answer on First Contact Day is that it's my oldest son, Jonathan's birthday, and that's the only reason the date was chosen.”

History of Star Trek First Contact Day

Even if it's a relatively minor holiday, Strat Trek fans know how important this day is. In 2063, Zefram Cochrane initiated the first contact with the Vulcan race by alerting them of their entrance into the interstellar community.

First Contact is handled by the extant species of Star Fleet and is an important part of a species introduced into the galactic community. They also receive an explanation about the solar system outside their universe.

Star Trek: First Contact Day is celebrated in real life, and fans everywhere get together to celebrate this pivotal moment.


How To Celebrate Star Trek First Contact Day

You can rewatch Stra Trek: First Contact. You can have a Star Trek First Contact Day celebration just like they do in Star Trek!

You can also get together with your friends, get your uniforms on and do a complete Star Trek marathon. Or play a cool Star Trek boardgame.


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