Panda day

Panda day

On March 16th, we celebrate the day of those adorable, cuddly, always hungry bears, the panda bear. Panda Day is used to bring awareness about this majestic bear, as well as trying to educate humans about the problems that come with deforestation. Panda is now on the endangered animal list.


History of Panda Day

Panda Day was created to ask for help to protect these beautiful bears. Because of the limited possibilities of taking proper care of them, the rate of reproduction is very low.

Even in the wild, there are efforts to be made in order to protect their habitat and control the predators.


How to Celebrate Panda Day

If you have a zoo close by, go for a visit and stare at those cute bears, and maybe even get a panda-themed souvenir. Also, spread awareness of this endangered species. If you can, donate to a charity that supports panda conservation.


Awww, I didn’t know there was a Panda day! What a great way to protect them and raise awareness.

Jess Holmes

I did not know about Panda day. But now that I do, I will be sure to do something about it next year! Thanks for sharing.


Pandas really are such beautiful creatures. I feel badly the one time I had the chance to see them in San Diego, my daughter didn’t want to wait in the line. They really are beautiful and I will have to celebrate panda day.

David Elliott

I have always thought pandas were the coolest animals. I would love to help them out and donate!

Angela Milnes

I really love this idea. I have always wanted to see a panda in person too.

Tatanisha Worthey

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