Once a year, we celebrate the adventures happening in a galaxy far, far away. It's Star Wars Day!

"May the 4th be with you" started as a pun between fans and ended up becoming a holiday.

I'm not even going to look at you two young kids right now -----thought Harrison Ford


Margaret Thatcher has won the election and became Britain’s first woman prime minister.

To celebrate their victory, her party took half a page of advertising space in the London Evening News.

The message which referenced their important victory was ‘May the Fourth Be With You, Maggie. Congratulations,’ an undeniable proof of the extent to which Star Wars has influenced popular culture. 

This was one of the first known times when the phrase "May the 4th" was used. 

As you probably know, the famous phase "May the Force Be with You" was used by Alan Arnold, the author of The Empire Strikes Back for Lucasfilm in 1979.

With the help of the Internet, Star Wars fans from all around the world started to connect, build friendships, and celebrate Star Wars Day together.

Seeing how well people responded to the idea of a special day to celebrate Star Wars, the film company Lucasfilm decided to embrace the spirit of fandom and started using #StarWarsDay across their social media channels.

Their goal was to help spread the word, as well as showcase fan activity. After this, more and more official partners decided to become part of the trend and offered sales, giveaways, and also hosted different events to honor the day.

But let's not forget that the fans are the real creators of this day, so this is their day. 

How to Celebrate Star Wars Day

1. Host movie marathons

2. Share greetings and socialize with other fans across social media

3. Cook Star Wars inspired recipes

Photo by: Hy-Vee.

Recipe by: Baking Mischief

Recipe by: How To Cake It

Recipe by: Semi-Sweet

Recipe by: Jessica Lucius

4. Make Star Wars crafts

Made by: Liska Myers

Made by: M. Gulin

Made by: 

Made by: The Geeky Hooker

Made by: 

5. Dress up as your favorite character


by Aicosu


Courtney Leigh Creations 

Stacey Rebecca

“Pass on what you have learned.” - Yoda

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Aw, this is so cool! I love the lamps and the sock puppies. Thanks for sharing! :)

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These snack ideas are so fun! I know my kids would love them!

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Awwww, that Yoda Apple and Oreo Tie Fighter look awesome! I love these ideas!


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those party snacks are the real deal! love this comprehensive list. what fun ideas.

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Hahaha these are such great ideas I love it!! My dad is a huge Star Wars fan so we always celebrated this growing up

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My husband would love a star wars party. Im sure when we get kids he would use it as an excuse. I would love the macaroons. YUMMY


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Haha this post is awesome! Such cool ideas for Star Wars day!

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My son is so huge a fan of Star Wars I sometimes need to get angry at him. But you see you cannot demarcate one’s taste.

by Jennifer L

May 4th is definitely a fun holiday. I definitely use it as an opportunity to bring out my Starwars shirts and rock it in style.

by Hollie

These are all so much fun. I felt as though this particular year, Star Wars was way more epic than many years. Did you feel that way too?

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This is definitely a great way to celebrate May 4th. I love star wars and love to one day host a star wars party on this day.

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I’ve seen Star Wars party in New York City but I didn’t got a chance to go. That kind of event I want to experience. it would be nice to have one at home too. Lots of great tips very much appreciated.

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OMG this is so fun!!! These are amazing ideas. Loving the creativity!! Making me wish Star Wars Day would come back around!

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What some awesome ideas on ways to celebrate Star Wars Day! I love how creative some people have gotten with makes!

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While I am not a huge star wars fan myself, I have to say all the treats and party decorations look like it would be great for a movie marathon. I have some friends who are really into Star Wars, they’d love this post – I’ll send it over for them to check it out.

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Love those snack ideas ) especially the one with the apple ) We’ve missed it somehow this year but will definitely save some for the next. Thanks for taking time to get them together!

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I have never seen Star Wars, but my brother is a huge fan! He is going to love those snack ideas!

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Oh my gosh, I want to make a lot of these foods. How fun! I don’t think we did much on that day. We just randomly told me “May the 4th be with you,” and that was about it.

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I love the snack ideas, be great ideas for my son’s birthday