Leprechaun Day

Leprechaun Day

Every year, on May 13, we celebrate National Leprechaun Day. The origins of Leprechaun Day are just as mysterious as the place where Leprechauns hide their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

According to Irish folklore, a leprechaun is a type of fairy that is usually represented as an old man, clad in a red or green coat, and who enjoys being mischief.

Leprechauns spend their time making shoes. Another thing to know about them is that they store their coins in a hidden pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

There is a rumor going around saying that if you catch a leprechaun, he has to give you his pot of gold. Unfortunately, leprechauns are very tricky to catch. 

You can celebrate this day by adding to a saving account or by simply watching leprechaun-related cartoons.


  • Jocelyn

    That’s so fascinating! I remember trying to catch a leprechaun when I was really little but this might be an easier way to celebrate!

  • Meagan Badore

    We always celebrated leprechauns on St. Patty’s Day so this is new to me that they have their own day. So cool!

  • casey

    I never heard of leprechuan day! Might show this to my kids later.

  • hey sharonoox

    First time I heard of leprechuan day! It sounds like a fun show. Thanks for sharing!

  • SomeBizarreMonkey

    I’m always happy to check out new cartoon characters and shows… thanks for sharing one about leprechauns :)

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