It's Hug Your Cat Day! Beware Of Scratches And Bites

It's Hug Your Cat Day! Beware Of Scratches And Bites

June is the month of the year when we celebrate one of the most straightforward holidays, Hug Your Cat Day.

It's an unofficial holiday that encourages cat owners to show a bit of extra love to their furry feline babies and give them a big, big hug. For us, "crazy cat people," hug your cat day is every day, right? But it's a lovely reminder to appreciate our way too early, living alarm clocks.

If you are not one of the lucky ones, and your cat doesn't love to cuddle or hug, then beware of their sharp claws and teeth. If you are one of the lucky ones, enjoy every moment of it.

Let's not forget that hugging a cat is believed to be beneficial to our health. What's more, according to studies, cat purring helps reduce stress levels and makes us feel calmer.

If you don't have a cute long, straight tail and pointy ears by your bedside, don't worry, you can hug a friend's cat. Or if you want a cat and you know you can take good care of her or him, you can adopt a kitty in need. Hug your cat day is a perfect occasion to bring some purring into your life - and lots of hugs.

How to Celebrate Hug Your Cat Day

  • Give your cat a big hug
  • Give any cat a hug
  • Adopt if you can
  • Donate to a cat shelter or organization

 It's Hug Your Cat Day! Beware Of Scratches And Bites



  • This Mum At Home

    My husband hates cats so I havn’t had one since I was single lol but I love the idea of this :)

  • Toughcookiemommy

    I have always loved cats but, unfortunately, I’m allergic to them and so is my son. I would love to cuddle with one as often as possible otherwise.

  • Meagan Badore

    We are a dog household but this is cute holiday. I have some cat loving friends that will enjoy giving their cat a hug.

  • Carrie Liu

    Haha, it’s worth to be scratched! I’m allergic to cats but every time I see my grandma’s cat I hug him until I can’t stop sneezing.

  • Nina

    awww. i got two cats. i never knew that there was a day for the cats. it is so awesome :)

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