International Dance Day Is Here So Let's Dance

International Dance Day Is Here So Let's Dance

International Dance Day is celebrated every year: on April 29th, the same date as the anniversary of the Jean Georges Noverre birth, the modern Ballet creator. It's a global celebration of dance created by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute. And since 1982, a dance personality is selected to write a message for International Dance Day.

This day is all about the values, importance, and history of the art of dance.

To learn more about dance day you could visit this site:

How To Celebrate International Dance Day

You can learn about the history of dance, or learn a new dance, or just dance like no one is watching.



Dance day is such a great day! Dancing is so liberating and relaxing! I used to be a dancer and was always looking forward to a new class!

What Corinne Did

Well my daughter love to dance! At the gym there are sometimes some free dancing classes, and I didn’t even know it burned so many calories. I know what holiday I’m adding to my calendar! :)


Woow! Really interesting information right here. I had absolutely no idea. In that case I choose to celebrate by doing two of your suggestions. Am gonna read up the history of dancing, learn a new dance move. Thank you

Samuel frodo

Oh wow, I didn’t know that it’s international dance day.
I’m a terrible dancer, but I still do it! It’s fun to get silly.

umesh Kumar Bhardwaj

Omg i remember how dancing become a huge part of my life. It gaves me motivation and become creative. I was a former school dancer and i love it.

Blair villanueva

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