Happy National Garfield The Cat Day!

Happy National Garfield The Cat Day!

Every year, on June 19, we celebrate Garfield The Cat Day. The ginger cat was created by cartoonist Jim Davis and had his first appearance in a cartoon strip on June 19, 1978. 

The story is set in Muncie, Indiana, and is focused on Garfield's relationship with his owner Jon and the other pet in the house, Odie the dog. Garfield is portrayed as a fat, cynical and lazy cat. He loves food, especially lasagna and coffee. On the other hand, he hates Mondays, raisins, and exercising.

He absolutely loves to sleep, though. 

This orange, fuzzy tabby cat was born in the kitchen of Mama Leoni's Italian restaurant.

Even on the day he was born, he ate all the pasta and the lasagna he could find. From that point on, his obsession with eating lasagna and pizza only grew stronger and stronger. Because of his unstoppable appetite, the owner of the restaurant sold him to a pet shop, from where Jon bought him afterwards. 

It's easy to understand why Garfield is so loved by people throughout the world. His love for food and ability to eat a lot of it, as well as his lack of motivation to work out make it easy for many of us to relate to him.

How To Celebrate Garfield The Cat Day?

You can host a Garfield theme party, where you can have a costume contest with your friends. You could also donate to a local charity, or maybe adopt a Garfield yourself.

You can also read a Garfield cartoon strip. You can find some here. Or maybe you would like to watch a Garfield movie instead. Either way, don't let this day pass without properly celebrating it. 

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