Fire Up The Grill, It's Barbecue Day 2018

Fire Up The Grill, It's Barbecue Day 2018

You know summer's here when you can smell the barbecue in the air. It's just an amazing smell, isn't it? And it's even better if you get to pair it with a cold beer.

Barbecue is a style of slowly cooking food on an indirect source of heath. The meat is flavored by the smoking process, which gives it that amazing taste. 


Fun Facts

  1. The world's longest barbecue was 80 hours long, during which time no less than 1,000 hot dogs and 200 pieces of corn were cooked. The barbeque took place as part of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation benefit event, in Georgia by Jan Greff.

  2. The largest barbecue had over 45,000 people and took place in Nuevo Leon, Mexico.
  3. There are four different types of pork ribs: Spareribs (underbelly of the pig), the most common; St. Louis-style (breastbone is removed); country-style (highest meat-to-bone ratio); and baby-back (the least fat).
  4. You can tell how hot the barbecue is by using your hand. Hold your palm five inches above the grill and count the number of seconds. If you can hold it for 2-4 seconds it's 450 to 550f, for 5-7 seconds it's 350 to 450f, and for 8-10 seconds it's 250-350f.
  5. The most popular flavors of barbecue sauce are hickory, followed by mesquite, honey, and then spicy-hot.
  6. The most common side dishes that are served at BBQs include corn, potatoes, and grilled vegetables. 
  7. Different types of wood are used to impart flavors into the food. The most common types are oak, apple, pecan, cherry, guava, kiawe, maple, hickory, and mesquite. Avoid using wood that contains tar and resin (called conifers), which give a chemical taste.
  8. Barbecues have been a White House tradition since Thomas Jefferson. Lyndon B. Johnson, the 36th president of the United States, hosted the first barbecue at the White House that featured Texas-style barbecued ribs.
  9. The most popular foods for cooking on the grill are, in order: burgers (85%), steak (80%), hot dogs (79%) and chicken (73%).
  10. May 16th and July 4th are both National Barbecue Day. 

How To Celebrate Barbecue Day 2018

It's so easy, go have a barbecue! After all, what's more fitting than that? Have some friends and family over, head out to your backyard or at a nearby forest and fire up that grill.

You can cook any kind of meat, vegetables or even fruits if you want. The only rule is to have fun.

If for some reason you can't do that, then just go out to eat and order some barbecue.


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