Every year, on the first Saturday in July, people gather to celebrate Build a Scarecrow Day. Even though it's been more visible in the USA, the event is celebrated worldwide. 

July is the perfect month for this holiday.

You may wonder why, as maybe you associate scarecrows with fall and harvest. Well, the role of a good scarecrow is to scare the crows and other birds away so that they will not eat the freshly-planted seed and the growing crops. That's why July is a great time to build a scarecrow and use it to protect your garden.

If you saw or read The Wizard of Oz as a child, or as an adult, you probably remember how much he wanted a brain so that he could scare the crows once more, which was ironic considering he was the smartest one in the group.

Well, in reality, we don't all need to be geniuses to make a scarecrow, all we need are some old clothes, some hay, a few wood pieces and a hat. Of course, you can get as creative as you want and add all sorts of fun accessories.

Those humanly shaped decoys are set in the fields to protect the farmer's seedlings. On this day, there are competitions being held to award the best scarecrow made by regular folks like you and me.

How To Celebrate National Build A Scarecrow Day

You can re-watch or reread The Wizard of Oz and pay a bit more attention to the scarecrow character.

You can also watch or read about the adventures of the scarecrow named Turnip-Head in Howl's Moving Castle.

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You can also create your own scarecrow.


Or you can attend any events organized for this occasion. These types of events usually take place in rural areas, so you can start your search there.


23 THOUGHTS ON “Find Out How To Celebrate National Build a Scarecrow Day”

by betzy cuellar

There is so many cool activities to enjoy with children! I absolutely love the idea of this one that I will have to bookmark this page.

by Olga Zak

This sounds so cool! I didn’t know there was even such a day! Thanks for this new information.

by Kayla

Unless it’s the scarecrow in Wizard of Oz, I find them kinda creepy. I think it’s because I’ve seen Jeeper Kreepers too many times.

by Rosey

How fun to make your own scarecrow. y 19 year old is very artsy. She would like that best. :)

by lavandamichelle

What a cool post! I don’t know if I’ve ever built a scarecrow, and I definitely didn’t know there was a national holiday for it. Thanks for sharing! :)

by hey sharonoox

This sounds so cool! Honestly, I didn’t know there was even such a day! It must be fun for the kids to make scarecrows.

by Heather

They have a national day for everything don’t they? I’ve never thought of building a scarecrow.

by Angela Bethea

Well, I certainly didn’t know there is a day for this. Turnip-Head in Howl’s Moving Castle was quite a peculiar character during the movie.

by Jessica Taylor

I didn’t realize they had a national scarecrow day. I bet my daughter would love to build one for her mini garden!

by Emma Riley

I don’t know that there is such a so called day. We used to make a scare crow when I was child on my uncles farm and its really a lot of fun.

by Hannah Marie

Don’t get me wrong, but I am scared of the scarecrows. Especially the ones that have a clown face painted on them. I find it creepy.

by princess quinn

Building a scarecrow is really fun. My father loves to tend to his garden. But since he had CKD, he won’t be able to do things all by himself. So my kids and I gathered some hay or straws, a wooden stick, old clothes and a hat. we built a scarecrow to prevent birds from eating the fruits. And really had fun.

by Maysz

I already watch the movie of wizard of OZ and I like that movie very much! I don’t familiar about the celebration of National Build a Scarecrow Day but now I have an idea thanks for sharing!

by What Corinne Did

I did not know there was such a day! So cool! And super interesting as well! i wonder if there’d be events in my hometown

by tara pittman

Making a scare crow would be so fun. I need to make one with my boys.

by Amber Myers

Cool! I’ve always been a fan of scarecrows. The nice ones, that is. The scary ones during Halloween can go away.

by Tamara

I have honestly never heard of that but I love that we could celebrate it. We have a big garden and do make or buy scarecrows for it. They’re awesome. And he’s my favorite character from Wizard of Oz.

by Joan Cajic

To be honest, I never knew there was anything like national build a scarecrow day but it sure does remind me of my childhood memories and working in my mum’s farm.

by Jessica Joachim

I have actually never built a scare crow! I think I may have to make one with the kids this fall for out back yard though!

by Joanna

This is so funny, I never knew that there was a build a scarecrow day. I could definitely use one for my garden though, as lately I have had some hungry birds eating my spinach and my peppers.

by Anosa

I think organised events are better as I wouldn’t know what to do at scarecrow day.

by Sarah Bailey

I have to admit I didn’t know there was a national build a scarecrow day and I don’t think I’ve ever made one, perhaps I need to change that.

by Karame_KC

I didn’t even know there was a national scarecrow day…. I live next to a farm and the birds are everywhere. Thanks for the link to build a scarecrow.