From 1970, every year on April 22nd, in more than 193 countries, we celebrate Earth Day with lots of events to raise awareness for environmental protection.

History Of Earth Day

Founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson, in 1970, to promote ecology and respect life on the planet as well as raising awareness of polution problems.

Some people observe this special day, around the March equinox. Margaret Mead, an American anthropologist, supported the equinox Earth Day, founded by John McConnell.

The Idea 

After witnessing the massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California, Gaylord Nelson had the idea for a national day to focus on the environment. He was inspired by the anti-war student movement and realized that he could as well infuse that energy about air and water pollution and transform this issue into a national political agenda. So April 22nd was the day chosen because it was falling between Spring Break and Final Exams.

On April 22, 1970, people organized protests against the deterioration of the environment. 

Earth Day became the day celebrated by more than a billion people every year. It's a day to fight for a clean environment and a better Earth.

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How To Celebrate Earth Day

It's usually celebrated with outdoor performances, performing acts of service to Earth like planting trees, picking up trash, recycling, and conservation. There are petitions as well, calling for stronger or immediate action to help reverse environmental destruction. 

Over at Squirrly, the parent company of this, we even made a video in 2013 to raise awareness for Earth Day. It can still be viewed here:

23 THOUGHTS ON “Earth Day 2018 Is Here! Let's Celebrate!”

by Ana

Happy Earth Day. Over recent years I have become more conscious of my impact on the environment and have been trying to create positive changes for our earth.

by Wanda Lopez

Every day is Earth day in my heart. I don’t ever want to take for granted what we have and call home.

by lavandamichelle

Earth day is super important because we live on this earth so we should try to conserve its resources and land as much as we can. I really appreciate this post! Thanks for sharing. :)

by Blair Villanueva

If truly care for the environment, everyday must be an Earth day!
We should started calling-out people who destroys it, to stop this madness.

by Rowan Britton

I feel gutted that I didn’t know it was Earth Day until the day itself!! I am going to make a conscious effort to make every day Earth Day!

by Ada

Such an important day to bring awareness to! Hope you had a wonderful Earth Day.

by What Corinne Did

I was aware of Earth Day but did not know about its history! It’s great to have a bit of a background! and the day helps remind us to take care of our planet

by Nancy at Whispered Inspirations

Earth day is such an important day to celebrate. There are really some very important things to pay attention to!

by Esse D

I always remember Earth day because its 2 days after my birthday. I don’t necessarily celebrate it, but I try to make environmentally conscious choices every day.

by Marguerite

Wow, I had no idea about the history of Earth Day! It’s really important that we should all know this! One of my favorite memories as a child was celebrating Earth Day at school, with relay races and planting trees!

by Minakshi Bajpai

Very informative post. I didn’t know the history of Earth Day. We should treat every day like Earth Day.

by Kiwi

Great history on the start of Earth Day. I think Earth Day should be every single day!

by passportofawanderwoman

We really need to focus on improving our environment, now more than ever. I didn’t know about the history. Thanks for sharing it.

by Deola

Very informative post. I didn’t know the history of Earth Day and must haven’t really taken it seriously in the past. Thanks for posting this

by BestCaptured

What a great day! Thank you for sharing such great information and a lively post. Looks great!

by Ally

I never actually knew the history of earth day. It’s crazy to think that this all started because of an oil spill in California and protests from other people!

by Brittany

Happy Earth Day! We spent the day outdoors. What a beautiful Earth we live on.

by genny

We can save our planet if we do something small every day.

by Alessandra

It’s nice to know more about Earth Day origins. I’m always looking for special days of the year that can be relevant for my business to comment on social media and I saw your blog is good source for that. I’ll keep an eye!

by Joan Cajic

Happy Earth Day to all and may you have a fabulous one.

by Amber Myers

It’s so important to take care of Earth! I always tell my kids to keep Earth clean. We pick up trash if we see it, and we recycle. We try to treat every day like Earth Day.

by Louise

Earth Day is a great idea and a very important one. In fact, more important than ever at the moment. We all need to think about our own actions and think about the things we can do to make a difference, however small.

by Annreeba

This history of Earth day really informative. Thanks for sharing this post.