Choose The Dark Side For A Day And Celebrate Revenge Of The Fifth

Choose The Dark Side For A Day And Celebrate Revenge Of The Fifth

May the 4th Be With You is closely followed by Revenge Of The Fifth. If the first one celebrates "the serious" part of the Star Wars universe, the second one is for celebrating "less serious" aspects of this great universe.

In 2012, Victor Medina and his friend Eric Shirey created the site, clearly referencing the third Star Wars episode entitled "Revenge of the Sith."

"We thought the whole idea for ‘Revenge of the Fifth would cover the flipside of the Star Wars universe, with all the really goofy, funny stuff… everything that’s not necessarily canon or part of the original trilogy, but celebrates the fandom on the fringes of it." 

                                                             - Victor Medina 

Fans started discussing among themselves whether it should be Revenge of the Fifth or Revenge of the Sixth, which many believed sounds more like the word Sith. 

As for the opposite team, they said Revenge of the Sixth sounds weird with the x sound.

Some fans also worried that celebrating on May 5 might interfere with the American version of Cinco de Mayo. 


People didn't seem to be able to come to an agreement when it comes to what the day should celebrate neither.

Medina and Shirey said that the day should celebrate the quirky parts of the Star Wars universe while some fans argued it should celebrate the Dark Side and villains of the Star Wars universe.

Even if you choose the Dark Side for a day, or wish to simply celebrate all the quirky parts, we think Revenge of the Fifth or Sixth is worth celebrating either way. 



HA! I’ve never heard of revenge of the 5th. I just discovered may the 4th be with you this year. I had no idea about either one of these days.

Tina Hogan grant

I’ve never seen any of the Star Wars movies before and have only heard of the “May the Fourth Be With You” day. This seems like such a fun idea for star wars fans to get to celebrate another day as well!


Haha I have celebrated May 4th but had never heard of the other day but if it’s as fun as the May the 4th be with you party I went to Im all in


Ha, I didn’t know much about Revenge of the Fifth. We did celebrate May the 4th be with you! We love Star Wars.

Amber Myers

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