Best Geeky Gifts For Husband Appreciation Day

Best Geeky Gifts For Husband Appreciation Day

On the third Saturday of April, we celebrate Husband Appreciation Day. Even if we want to act all tough and we need no man, in a feminist trend world, we have to admit that husbands are pretty great, right? First of all, if he is your husband it means you already approved him and love him. A husband is your best friend, your confidante, your shoulder to cry on, your travel partner, and sometimes your knight in a shiny armor when he saves you from that creepy spider, or whatever scares you and when he takes the trash out. Of course, we all have our own reasons we love our other half.

The History of Husband Appreciation Day

Husbands have been around for as long as there have been wives, and the two of them have worked together to maintain their families and homes. Over the past years, the traditions changed and even though the husbands were the breadwinners of the families, the roles became more equal between partners and now every family chooses who does what. The most important role of a husband, and this goes both ways, is to love and support their partners.

How To Celebrate Husband Appreciation Day

There are multiple ways you can celebrate that special man in your life, you can leave a love note, get him a gift, plan a special dinner or make him his favorite meal.

Here is a selection of geeky gifts for your husband to buy and show him your appreciation and love for him.

If your husband is a Pokemon fan, why not buy him this figure:


For a Batman fan, you could buy this figure:


For an Overwatch fan, we recommend this wallet:


Why not show him your love with some help from Deadpool?


Or maybe he is a Harry Potter fan,

I know my man loves socks, maybe yours loves them as well:

Or a t-shirt:

If he likes Rick and Morty, why not buy him a hoodie:

What better way to show him that he's your superman?

Or maybe this Joker figure will make him smile:

Or you can just take a look in our shop and make your pick.


  • David Allen Elliott

    I didn’t realize husbands had such a day. That’s pretty cool. I think I would love any of these gifts. But I think my favorite would be the Deadpool bobblehead.

  • Alessandra

    Those gifts are so cool I’ll give them to myself instead!

  • Jennifer L

    Oh I am def sure many husbands will be thrilled to get several of these gifts. I personally want a pair of marvel socks for myself. lol!

  • Akamatra

    These are all great! My husband would love some of these, he is a geology geek!

  • KS Rao

    I will pass on this page to my wife..! :-)….! Nice idea… :-)

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