2022 Fund in Progress

2022 Fund in Progress

Our current aim is to raise $1,800 USD for 2022 and to select the projects with the highest impact.

It has been one incredible year for the Squirrly Company, the owners of OneGeek.shop, and amid much turmoil, a pandemic that doesn't seem to end anytime soon, post-Brexit problems, we've managed to reach $2 Million USD in total sales for the Squirrly Company since Feb 2013.

Our current projected ARR is $1 Million USD, and we needed all hands on deck to thrive and reach this level of success while we fought each struggle.

Our company received many Awards this year (2021 awards; see here).

However, we're slowly getting back to our Mission with the Geek Store.

The current Goal for the Fundraiser is much lower than usual, due to the fact that the shop needs a complete re-boot.

We will direct more of our efforts back here and create a new permanent team for the store. If we can do all this, and also afford the Fund we're aiming for, it will be wonderful.

To help the 1,000 children we've helped until now, we spent way over the 50% margins we talked about.

Let's work towards an amazing 2022 and Supercharge the Futures of youngsters together.

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