Black Panther and Capoeira - 300 students reached

Black Panther and Capoeira - 300 students reached

One Geek buys One Hero, thus supercharging One Future.

That's the mission of this store. 

With every sale on OneGeek Shop you personally contribute to the education of children across America. Public school teachers from every corner of America create classroom project requests, and we donate on your behalf to projects that will inspire you. 100% Transparency. Reports sent via email: including: who were the children you supported, invoices of purchased equipment for class and thank you notes from teacher and classroom.

Have you seen the Black Panther 2018 Movie? Here's a cool story:

As you can see in the comics and in this movie, Black Panther is a master in many types of martial arts. In the movie we could see him do: boxing, capoeira and about two more types.

It was an inspiring moment and we decided to donate all the sales made for Black Panther figures since the start of 2018 to a class which needed instruments in order to start capoeira lessons. Capoeira is all about music, dance and martial arts. You can't have it without the music. The kids, their parents, the school could've never afforded that without the help from One Geek and a couple other companies and even people who personally donated.

Every penny was well spent. We received invoices, thank you notes from the children and the teacher. Plus, some cool pics from their brand new capoeira class.

We felt inspired. The Shoppers from our Store saw that they've made a real impact on someone's future this way. I firmly believe that new experiences broaden our horizons and make us capable of leading better futures.

Money donated was from Black Panther figures and toys.

From now on, we'll donate from everything in our shop.

This was the first project. It reached 300 students.

We're not stopping here.

There's a new Donation coming along in April 2018, with money raised from sales made during March 2018 on the

Stay tuned to find out more. We'll keep posting here on the blog.

Messages received from the teacher who created this Capoeira project:

Dear Florin Muresan,

Thank you!

We have finally done it, our project has been funded with your help! Your donation will directly influence the creative development and cultural enrichment of the youth at our school. This is an amazing opportunity for the more than 250 students we serve and we are extremely grateful.

Your generosity will connect the students with the proper instruments to development their musical skill and allow them the opportunity to learn the music and culture of the Afro-Brazilian art of Capoeira.

Let the music making begin!

With gratitude,
Ms. Moran

AND #2

Dear Florin Muresan,

Thank you for your generous donation to the Capoeira Music and Movement program at our school. When we began planning this pilot program, funding and accesses to the proper instruments and equipment was a big concern. Your support has made it possible for the seventh and eighth graders to learn, hands on, about the music and culture of Brazil and become more invested in the art of Capoeira.

Access to authentic Capoeira instruments has had a huge impact on the success of the program and has enriched the school's cultural perspective. The students enjoy playing the pandeiros and experimenting with new rhythms and techniques. By investing in the music of Capoeira they also begin to excel in the movement of the art.

The mission of our Capoeira Music and Movement program is to encourage the students' creative growth, bolster the school's sense of community develop their musical and physical skill.

Thank you for helping us accomplish our mission. You have made a difference in our student's life!

With gratitude,
Ms. Moran


- pictures with the class after purchase of the items have been sent via emails to our shoppers.

- invoices were also sent, proving the costs and payments made from the donation funds.