April Donation - Student Maker Space - 24 Students Reached

April Donation - Student Maker Space - 24 Students Reached

Big thanks to our wonderful shoppers and One Geek Heroes.

Powered by our : "One Geek. One Hero. One Future" tagline, 50% of our margins on all orders made during March 2018 have been donated today to a wonderful classroom project which I'll write more about.

The OneGeek donation fund has been matched by Infosys Foundation USA to double the impact we're making.

The project still needs a bit more money to be fully funded, so you can still buy more items for the store to help us complete the project.

Here are the details.

Mrs. Mundt is the teacher whose students we're helping. She wrote:


I Want to Make That!

My students need books that will provide them with inspiration while creating in our classroom maker space.

My Students

My students are incredible. Being part of an International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB-PYP) school community has helped my students grow into incredibly caring, reflective, and empathetic individuals who want to make the world a better place through inquiry and action. Every day, my students are working on developing their understanding of universal concepts like reflection, perspective, and responsibility.

My school is an incredibly diverse place, and this diversity makes it a unique, vibrant place for students to learn and grow.

Students are from a range of backgrounds. Some come from low socioeconomic backgrounds, while others are living in more financially secure households. About a third of my students are Latino; another third are black or Somali; another third are white. About a third of my students are English language learners (ELLs). Many are considered advanced learners in need of advanced differentiation.

My Project

In this project, I'm requesting different books that will inspire students while creating in our classroom maker space, which is a hands-on "creation station." There are tons of supplies available to students in this space. While students usually have lots of ideas of their own, sometimes we all need a little push or spark to get the creative juices flowing.

From these books, students will get tons of ideas for projects they can create.

They can get inspiration for building with legos, making things out of cardboard, and more. I believe these books will take this space to the next level and incite creativity and innovation."

What will the money be spent on?

what happens next?